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Magen David Kippah

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By cherylfall

Magen David Kippah

Tony's completed kippah

What I stitched

I stitched the Magen David Kippah.

My husband is a blue-eyed man with lighter hair, so his standard black kippot really stand out his head. I wanted to create a fun, bright-yet light colored kippah for use during Hanukkah as a change of pace.

How I adapted it

Although I normally prefer to work in wool on canvas with larger holes, I felt this one needed to be special. So, I used 18 count canvas with smaller holes - and consequently more holes per inch - and stitched the pattern using #5 pearl cotton.

Using pearl cotton instead of wool gave the project a pretty sheen that resembles beading from a distance.

Although the pattern contains over 10,000 individual stitches, it was a joy to stitch.

Lessons Learned

  • Stitching in pearl cotton using Continental stitch made this kippah the perfect weight.
  • Stitching the 4 tucks was a challenge, but due to the lighter weight, it was easy to coax and smooth them into a perfect, curved shape.
  • Because the kippah is nice and soft, so I did not line the piece. I trimmed the edges to 1/4 inch and tucked them to the wrong side, then glued some soft satin ribbon over the canvas edges before adding the piping.

Cheryl Fall, About.com Needlepoint, says:

Click here for the Magen David Kippah pattern and instructions.

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