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Needlepoint: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
DIY African Accents Eyeglass Case Needlepoint...
Work a needlepoint eyeglass case from start to finish with this simple tutorial, free Bargello needlepoint chart & supplies you already have on hand.
New to Needlepointing? Try These 56 Needlepoint...
Here you will find a list of the available Needlepoint Stitches, along with their Stitch Journal pages for you to print and enjoy.
Basic Tent Needlepoint Stitches-Quick Reference...
Tent stitch reference guide, stitch diagrams & everything you need to know to work basic Half Cross, Continental and Basketweave Tent Needlepoint Stitches.
Step-by-Step Instructions for Making the...
Check out this step by step needlepoint tutorial with instructions for right and left-handers to learn how to work the Continental Tent Stitch.
What is the Difference Between Needlepoint and...
What is the Difference Between Needlepoint and Petit Point?
Using the Needlepoint Stitch Journal
There are hundreds of stitches used in Needlepoint. A stitch journal is handy to refer to when looking for just the right stitch for a project, or to learn a new stitch.
Free Tutorial for Working the Half-Cross Tent...
Learn how to make the basic Half Cross Tent Needlepoint Stitch with this free step-by-step tutorial and detailed stitch diagram.
Facts about Using Persian Yarn in Needlepoint
All you need to know about Persian Wool Yarn, the most popular type of thread used in needlepoint. Find out how to use it and where to buy it online.
Step-by-Step Basketweave Tent Stitch for Left...
Both right and left-handers can learn the proper way to work the Basketweave Needlepoint Stitch with the detailed steps in this basic tent stitch needlepoint tutorial.
Sources for Vintage Needlepoint Patterns
Here you will find a list of FREE vintage and antique pattern resources that are in the public domain. You can use these lovely designs as inspiration for needlepoint. The wealth of charted, easy-to-follow designs can be used for cross stitch and needlepoint, or other types of embroidery. Be sure to also check out the filet crochet patterns, as these feature charted designs than can be adapted to stitchery.
Everything You Need to Know to Choose...
Needlepoint uses different yarns and threads than other crafts. Learn how to select yarns and threads for needlepoint with this basic tutorial.
How to Block a Needlepoint Canvas - Instruction...
A finished needlepoint canvas will often be slightly warped when worked in a needlepoint frame, or very warped when worked in the hands. Here you'll find instructions for re-shaping your canvas.
Long Stitch Hearts Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch a Valentine decor piece for your home, or as a gift. The project works up quickly in long stitch, with a touch of Hungarian stitch around the borders. A matching medallion pattern is also included.
The Wicker Stitch
The Wicker Stitch is a textured filling stitch that resembles a woven, wicker basket.
Double Alternating Nobuko Stitch
Learn to work the Double Alternating Nobuko stitch - a textured needlepoint filling stitch.
Stitch 4 New Valentine Needlepoint Projects...
Work a romantic couple, I-love-you pillow, red rose & chocolates in your favorite needlepoint stitches with these 4 free Valentine’s Day designs.
Outline Stitch - How to Work the Outline Stitch
Outline stitch is used to highlight or outline areas on a canvas, or can be used for stems and tendrils on flowers and plants.
Learn to Work a Needlepoint Project in 3 Easy...
Beginners can learn to needlepoint with these 3 easy steps. Experienced stitchers can use them to quickly complete unfinished needlepoint projects.
Long Stitch - How to Work the Long Stitch
Long Stitch is similar to Satin Stitch and is used to fill large areas of canvas.
The Nobuko Stitch
The Nobuko Stitch is a textured filling stitched worked in alternating long and short, diagonal stitches.
Needlepoint Blocking Board
A blocking board is a lightweight, pinable board with a fabric covering that has been printed with a grid of squares. The grid is used as a guide for squaring the canvas during the blocking process.
Needlepoint for Beginners
If you are new to needlepoint, this page features articles, tips and techniques to help get you started. In no time at all you will be creating beautiful needlepoint projects by learning just a few basics.
Hydrangea Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch a lovely bunch of needlepoint hydrangea blossoms in long stitch using this free pattern or chart.
Threading a Needle for Needlepoint is Easy with...
Looking for a solution to needlepoint threading dilemmas? One of these 4 ways will help you learn to thread a tapestry needle with ease.
14 Needlework Shops That Have All You Need in...
Here you'll find recommendations on where to find needlepoint supplies, canvas, and tools in Canada.
Hungarian Stitch
The Hungarian Stitch is a textured needlepoint stitch used to fill in large areas and borders of a needlepoint design.
How to Paint a Needlepoint Canvas
This will not only save you money, but you can create custome-colored canvas to stitch!
Rose Romance Long Stitch Needlepoint Pattern
The Rose Romance free needlepoint pattern was designed to introduce you to the Long Stitch, an easy needlepoint stitch that produces results quickly.
Magen David Kippah Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch a needlepoint kippah for a special person. This project is 6-1/4 inch diameter worked on 18-count canvas in just 4 colors.
Get these 5 Free Needlepoint Patterns to Stitch...
5 Chinese New Year needlepoint projects to stitch and enjoy. Download lanterns, fireworks, blossoms and more free needlepoint charts.
Encroaching or Interlocking Gobelin Stitch
The Encroaching Gobelin stitch, also known as the Interlocking Gobelin stitch, creates a smooth elongated stitch that is perfect for filling areas both large and small.
The Cashmere Stitch
The Cashmere Stitch is a luxuriously-textured filling stitch that is also often used in background areas.
Stitch a Free Needlepoint Design Every Day for...
Ring in the New Year with 365 free needlepoint charts--one to stitch every day of the year. Collect a few or all 365 needlepoint patterns.
The Straight Knitting Stitch
The Straight Knitting Stitch is worked in vertical rows and mimics a knit stockinette stitch.
Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch
The Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch is a textured filling stitched worked in rows of diagonal stitches, with each row facing the opposite direction. This needlepoint stitch is an excellent filling stitch.
The Rhodes Stitch
Learn to work the versatile Rhodes Stitch and many of its variations including the Rhodes, Heart, Rhodes Diamond, Rhodes Octagonal, Rhodes Circle, Rhodes Sheaf, Rhodes Clover or Shamrock and the Rhodes Star.
Satin Stitch - How to Work the Satin Stitch
Satin Stitch is a decorative stitch that can be used anywhere on a needlepoint needlepoint canvas to make an element stand out, or to highlight desired areas in a project. It's also very easy to work.
The Diagonal Mosaic Stitch
The Diagonal Mosaic Stitch is closely related to the standard Mosaic Stitch, but is worked in diagonal rows. It is mainly as a filling stitch.
Classic Alphabet for Needlepoint
Select your monogram from this set to stitch in the center of the Monogram Frame needlepoint pattern.
How to Make a Waste Knot
Knots are a no-no in needlepoint. A waste knot is a temporary knot that is used to start a length of needlepoint yarn. It is covered with stitches and clipped away after stitching.
Get This Hearts Entwined Needlepoint Chart for...
Stitch a pair of entwined needlepoint hearts with this quick & easy design for February National Weddings Month. Download the free needlepoint chart.
Mosaic Stitch - How to Work the Mosaic Stitch
The Mosaic stitch and reversed Mosaic stitch are textured, decorative stitches worked in small blocks. They're perfect for background areas and borders, or for filling large pattern areas.
Stitch a Kissing Smiley Face Needlepoint...
Celebrate Make a Friend Day with this Kissing Smiley Face needlepoint design. Download the free chart for basic & decorative needlepoint stitches.
The Parisian Stitch
The Parisian Stitch is worked vertically in long, alternating rows and make a very pretty filling stitch.
Easter Egg trio - set 1
The Easter Bunny will be delighted to see this cute little trio of egg ornaments when he drops in to deliver candy this season! These three eggs are the first set - additional egg patterns are also available.
Working a Complicated Design
Working a complicated, multi-color needlepoint pattern is easy by using this method.
How to Work with Needlepoint Charts
Remember these guidelines to understand and be successful in using a chart to stitch needlepoint projects.
How do I select a Needle for Needlepoint?
Here you'll learn how to select the proper needle for a needlepoint project.
4 Free Autumn Leaf Needlepoint Patterns
Download this free autumn oak leaves needlepoint pattern and make several items for fall home decorating.
Stitch a Warm & Cozy Needlepoint Penguin...
Bundle up like this Warm & Cozy Needlepoint Penguin. Download the quick and easy scrapbuster free needlepoint chart.
Stitch This Traditional Needlepoint Design for...
Download This free needlepoint design for St. Patrick's Day. Work it in traditional green threads with your favorite needlepoint stitches.
3 Easy Tips to Download, Save and Print Free...
Downloading free needlepoint charts is easy with these 3 simple steps. Use them to make a copy of any free needlepoint pattern on the web.
Working the Woven Plait Stitch
The Woven Plait Stitch is a textured needlepoint stitch that can be worked as a filling or in rows, and resembles braided fibers.
Swirl Needlepoint Design & Stitch Guide to...
Quick & easy free swirl needlepoint design with guide to stitch in spare moments. Great for beginners or as an in-between needlepoint project.
Easter Egg trio - Set 2
These three eggs are the second set in the Easter Eggs series - additional egg patterns are also available.
Needlepoint Worked in Long Stitch
Needlepoint Patterns worked in Long Stitch
Working the T Stitch
The T-stitch is an open, airy needlepoint stitch. It is used as a filling in areas where you would like the canvas to show through.
Rug Canvas
Rug Canvas is a jumbo-mesh canvas used primarily for floor rugs or large-scale needlepoint projects.
Learn the Fastest Way to Stitch Holiday...
Learn to needlepoint in half the time with this free Quickpoint pattern & tutorial. Great for last minute Christmas decorating projects and gifts.
Brick Stitch - How to Work the Brick Stitch
The brick stitch is a simple decorative stitch that adds a nice bit of texture to a needlepoint project.
Asian Inspired Alphabet
This needlepoint alphabet pattern was inspired by the traditional brushwork painting of China and Japan. The alphabet is uppercase, which makes it perfect for use as a monogram. Stitch the monogram in the matching needlepoint frame.
Needlepoint Frames and Stands
Web sites featuring stands for working needlepoint.
Christmas Needlepoint Patterns
Christmas and winter-themed needlepoint patterns, including decorations, pillows, ornaments and stockings.
French Knots - How to Make French Knots
A French knot is a type of surface stitch used to make small, decorative knots. The knots can be used individually and are very easy to stitch.
Sewing a Needlepoint Pillow - How to Sew a...
Many needlepoint projects can be stitched into beautiful accent pillows. In this section you'll find instructions on how to sew a needlepoint pillow with well-formed corners.
Ice Cream on a Stick Pattern Series - February
This Ice Cream on a Stick is the second pattern in a series of 12, and represents the month of February. The theme for this month is Valentine's Day.
Vintage Floral Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch a Vintage-Style Needlepoint Floral.
How to Finish a Needlepoint Stand-up Figure
Learn how to make a stand-up needlepoint figure. Includes instructions for making a weighted base and twisted piping.
Blank Journal Page
Use this blank page to add your own stitches to your stitch journal.
Get These 4 Quick Holiday Plastic Canvas...
Looking for quick and easy tree ornament needlepoint patterns for plastic canvas? Check out these 4 free patterns for basic needlepoint stitches.
The term “mesh” refers to canvas sizes, or holes per inch. As an example, 14-mesh canvas has 14 holes – or openings in the canvas – per inch. Mesh size is often abbreviated using the pound (#) symbol, such as #14 for 14-mesh canvas.
Scotch Stitch - How to Work the Scotch Stitch
The Scotch Stitch is a textured, decorative stitch worked in blocks. It's perfect for background areas and borders.
Bargello Needlepoint Borders
Have fun experimenting with the Bargello Needlepoint Borders in this design gallery. Interpret them to create Bargello borders that reflect your needlepoint style.
The Slanted Gobelin Stitch
How to work the slanted gobelin stitch.
Working with Large Skeins & Hanks of Yarn
Working with large skeins and hanks of needlepoint yarns can be a tanglesome affair. Here you will find tips to tame the savage beast.
How To Repair a Hole in Needlepoint Canvas
How to repair a hole in a needlepoint canvas.
Needlepoint Patterns for Spring Featuring...
Needlepoint Patterns Featuring Flowers
Can I use Embroidery Floss in Needlepoint?
I used embroidery floss in my needlepoint project and it frayed. Someone told me I shouldn't use embroidery floss - is this true?
Working the Diagonal Chevron Stitch
The Diagonal Chevron Stitch is a bold, textured needlepoint stitch with defined diagonal banding. The stitch is worked in diagonal rows going in 2 directions.
August Daisies Needlepoint Chart
Stitch a batch of retro-looking, rainbow-colored daisies for Summer! The August Daisies pattern is stitched in 20 colors of tapestry wool and features a floating green border.
Reversed Mosaic Stitch
The Reversed Mosaic stitch is a textured, decorative stitch worked in small blocks. It's perfect for background areas and borders, or for filling large pattern areas. Worked similarly to standard Mosaic stitch.
Stitch a Bargello Needlepoint Belt with This...
Learn how to make a needlepoint belt in 3 steps with this Bargello tutorial and needlepoint stitch-along. Download the free diamond Bargello pattern.
Penelope Canvas
A needlepoint canvas that has a double mesh, with two vertical and horizontal threads woven together to form the canvas, instead of one. A single stitch is worked over both threads of the canvas, and can be worked over a single thread where greater detail is needed in a desired area.
The Double Woven Stitch
The Double Woven Stitch is worked similarly to the standard Woven Stitch and closely resembles a twill textile weave. It's perfect as a filler, and can be used in border areas as well.
Diamond Ray Stitch - Working the Diamond Ray...
The Diamond Ray Stitch is a textured needlepoint filling stitch. It is similar to standard Ray Stitch but is worked vertically.
Chunky Spring Bird
Stitch a somewhat chunky spring bird in jewel tones. The pattern can be stitched in assorted needlepoint stitches in fifteen colors of needlepoint tapestry wool or novelty threads.
Ice Cream on a Stick Pattern Series - January
This Ice Cream on a Stick is the first pattern in a series of 12, and represents the month of January. Deep shades of blue are highlighted by twinkling snowflakes. As the first in the series, this project is the simplest. As the series progresses, new stitches and techniques will be introduced, making this series a terrific way to build your needlepoint skills.
Stitch a Bag of Needlepoint Gumdrop Candies...
Download the free gumdrop candies needlepoint chart to stitch a flavorful assortment for spring decorating and National Gumdrop Day.
Coins in the Fountain Cyber Workshop
The Coins in the Fountain Pattern is an online needlepoint class and features seven different needlepoint stitches for you to learn.
Straight Cashmere Stitch
The Straight Cashmere Stitch is a boxy filling stitch related to the standard Cahsmere Stitch.
Tips for Enlarging the Needlepoint Patterns and...
The needlepoint patterns on this site are provided free of charge, but may need a little massaging in order for them to be easier to view and work with. Here you'll find tips for using the patterns.
Smyrna Cross
The Smyrna Cross is a highly textured stitch that can be used as a filler for large areas, or in backgrounds and border areas.
Needlepoint a Pair of Elf Pants with This Free...
Make a unique Christmas needlepoint ornament with this Elf Pants pattern. Embellish with tiny jingle bells to hang on your holiday tree.
Interlocking Diamonds Bargello Needlepoint Border
A pair of large interlocking diamonds are the focus of this Bargello needlepoint Border Design. Page 2.
Working the Jacquard Stitch
The Jacquard Stitch is a needlepoint filling stitch, worked in diagonal, stepped rows or varying widths. Rows are often worked in different colors.
Stitch a Groundhog & His Shadow with This...
Join in the festivities with a free needlepoint design for Groundhog Day. Work his shadow in basic needlepoint stitches for winter to end quickly.
Stitch a Bargello Needlepoint Snowflake with...
Make a winter needlepoint snowflake with this free quick and easy Bargello Diamond Pattern. You can stitch one snowflake in as little as 30 minutes.
The Framed Scotch Stitch
The Framed Scotch Stitch is a variation of the popular Scotch Stitch. It features Scotch Stitch blocks framed by tent stitch border.
The Milanese Stitch
The Milanese in worked triangles arranged in diagonal bands, and is a popular filling and background stitch.
The Woven Stitch
The woven stitch is easy to work and resembles a woven textile. It's perfect as a filler, and can be used in border areas as well.
Getting Started with the Bargello Needlepoint...
With a little planning and careful attention to detail, it’s quite simple to needlepoint a sassy or classy Bargello belt.
Needlepoint a Lovely Sweetheart Rose for Day 44
Needlepoint a sweetheart rose for Valentine’s Day with this free canvas embroidery adaptation of the real life flower.
DIY Bargello Needlepoint Belt Step 2: Design...
For the perfect year-round fashion accessory, try working a needlepoint belt in alternating warm colors with this diamond Bargello needlepoint design.
Cardinal and Exotic Bird Needlepoint Designs...
Pour your passion for needlepoint into these free National Bird Day Cardinal and exotic bird patterns charted for needlepoint or cross stitch.
Needlepoint Canvas
Canvas forms the foundation of every needlepoint project. It is available in different styles, colors and mesh counts.
Wavy Bargello Needlepoint Border
A monochromatic color scheme and 4-1 pattern step make soothing waves in this Bargello Needlepoint Border Design. Page 6.
Vintage, Historical and Antique Needlepoint...
Patterns and Charts for Vintage and Antique Needlepoint.
Candy Hearts Needlepoint Pattern
This Candy Hearts pillow front is worked in traditional candy colors on a white ground. It's a perfect beginner project.
Brighton Stitch
The Brighton Stitch is a decorative, textured stitch that is worked in two colors.
How to Work the Twill Stitch
The Twill Stitch is a simple, textured needlepoint filling stitch that is worked vertically in diagonal rows. See also Double Twill Stitch.
The Hungarian Diamond Stitch
The Hungarian Diamond Stitch is a needlepoint filling stitch that can be worked as a filling or in rows, and resembles rows of diamonds.
Cross Stitch - Working the Cross Stitch
Cross Stitch is very familiar to any cross stitcher, but it is also used in needlepoint as a decorative, textured stitch.
The Moorish Stitch
The Moorish Stitch is a needlepoint filling stitch worked in stepped, diagonal rows.
The Rice Stitch
The Rice Stitch is worked by stitching a large cross stitch, with each point crossed by a smaller stitch, forming what resembles grains of rice.
Old Florentine Bargello Needlepoint Border Design
Color and the Old Florentine Bargello filler stitch combine to rivet the viewer’s attention to this needlepoint border design. Page 4.
Box of Chocolates Valentine Needlepoint Chart...
Day 45 of 365 Needlepoint New Year’s Resolutions features a needlework adaptation of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts--a box of chocolate candy.
The Upright Gobelin Stitch
The Upright Gobelin Stitch is a filling stitch worked in straight, upright rows. I can be used as a filling or in rows and borders.
Abstract Circles Thread-Blending Project
Here's a fun project that allows you to try blending threads to create secondary colors.
Ice Cream on a Stick Pattern Series - September
The ninth pattern in the 12-pattern Ice Cream on A Stick series celebrates the colors of autumn apples and represents the month of September.
Stitch a Trio of Halloween Pumpkins with These...
You can stitch all three free pumpkin needlepoint patterns on one piece of canvas for a Halloween party decoration or as single projects.
Arabic Tile Bargello Needlepoint Border
Arabic and Middle Eastern art are great inspirations for Bargello needlepoint border designs. Page 7.
Valentine's Day Patterns
Pretty projects featuring hearts and romantic themes.
Chubby Bunny Easter Pattern
Work this Chubby Bunny needlepoint pattern in basic needlepoint stitches. The colors of the Easter bunny can be easily changed and personalized. Work a single Easter Bunny, multiple bunnies, or stitch a single bunny on the corner of a napkin using removable waste canvas.
Jumpstart 2016 with these 10 Fun Needlepoint...
Start fresh in 2016 with one or all 10 needlepoint projects. Great for beginners & skilled stitchers using basic and decorative needlepoint stitches.
The Alternating Basketweave Stitch
The Alternating Basketweave is a variation of the Basketweave Tent Stitch, and is worked in two colors.
Leaf Stitch - How to Work the Leaf Stitch
The Leaf Stitch is a realistic-looking decorative stitch used to stitch leaves or leaf-like shapes on a canvas.
Reversed Scotch Stitch
Reverse Scotch stitch is worked similarly to the standard Scotch stitch. The only difference is that you reverse the direction of the stitches in every other block.
Free Needlepoint Tutorial: Learn to Work the...
Learn how to work the Leviathan Stitch for striking decorative accents in your needlepoint projects.
Crossed Gobelin Stitch
The Crossed Gobelin Stitch is a highly-textured filling stitch, comprised of a straight vertical stitch topped by a crossed stitch.
Surfboard Pattern Series - Sets 1 and 2
The Surfboard Pattern Series is an ongoing series of designs to stitch in needlepoint. Join in the fun and stitch a batch of different surfboards. Here you will find the free needlepoint patterns for surfboard sets 1 and 2.
French Braid Needlepoint Pattern and Instructions
The French Braid needlepoint pattern is perfect for cleaning out your scrap basket, as any number of colors can be used. Color combinations of your choosing are also possible.
The Checkered Scotch Stitch
The Scotch Checkerboard or Checkered Scotch Stitch make a bold background or filling stitch and gets its name from the checkerboard pattern created when it is worked on a canvas.
Learn How to Do Couching Surface Embroidery on...
Learn how to use couching stitching techniques in needlepoint for stunning accents to needlepoint designs.
Learn How to Needlepoint Like Grandma
Learn to needlepoint the way grandma did. Work classic needlepoint stitches as you explore the world of canvas embroidery with specialty threads & fibers.
Stitch a Mardi Gras Mask with This Free...
Needlepoint a wispy mask for Mardi Gras with Day 48 of the 365 Needlepoint New Year’s Resolutions Challenge.
Fancy Pumpkin and Leaves to Needlepoint for Fall
Stitch a fancy pumpkin and leaf needlepoint design with this free chart for Day 254 of the 365 Needlepoint New Year's Resolutions Challenge.
Needlepoint for Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day...
Day 38 of 365 Needlepoint New Year’s Resolutions features a free ice cream cone needlepoint pattern with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream!
Summer Stitching
Here you'll find a list of patterns that are perfect for summer stitching!
3 Things You Should Know BEFORE Buying...
These 3 smart needlepoint shopping tips will save you time and money as you shop online and in stores for needlepoint canvas, threads and supplies.
Meet Kaffee Fassett of the United Kingdom
Meet Kaffee Fassett of England. Needlepoint.
The Byzantine Stitch
The Byzantine Stitch is worked in diagonal rows and makes a very nice, textured filler for backgrounds and decorative elements in a needlepoint design.
3 Free Needlepoint Charts for Super Bowl Game...
While watching the “Big Game”, you can join in the festivities by stitching 3 commemorative football needlepoint designs for Day 32 of the 365 Needlepoint New Year’s Resolutions Challenge.
Celebrate Chinese New Year with Two Free...
Stitch a Happy Chinese New Year needlepoint sign and a pair of sizzling firecrackers with these 2 free needlepoint charts.
Stitch a Free Needlepoint Chart for American...
Raise awareness about heart disease this month by stitching this needlepoint chart for 56 of 365 Needlepoint New Year’s Resolutions.
Colorful Chinese Lanterns to Needlepoint for...
Stitch this quick & easy free Chinese lanterns needlepoint chart for home decorating. Use basic needlepoint stitches and leftover needlework supplies
Go Fly a Needlepoint Kite with This Free Design...
Even if the weather is wintry and cold in your locale; you can still celebrate Kite Flying Day with this free colorful needlepoint pattern.
Stitch a Winter Scarf with This Needlepoint Chart
Stitch a beautiful warm needlepoint scarf with this free chart for Day 20 of the 365 Needlepoint New Year’s Resolutions Challenge.
Patterns from Guest Designers
Free needlepoint patterns from our Guest Designers.
Simple Bargello Needlepoint Border
It’s easy to create beautiful, yet simple needlepoint borders to frame your needlework projects. Page 5.

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