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Needlepoint Catalogs and Supplies

Every Stitcher Needs a Stash!


Even if you don’t have a needlecrafts shop in your area, you can still get your hands on quality needlepoint supplies through mail order (snail mail) or online catalog sources.

The downside to this approach is that it is often difficult to get a true representation of color from a printed catalog or computer screen. Ink colors are not true to the original photos, and every computer monitor is calibrated differently. This can be a real problem when selecting thread colors. What you see on the screen or on the pages of the catalog - and what you actually get can be very different.

Therefore, I recommend visiting your local needlepoint shop whenever possible. If you don’t have a local shop but have a particular brand you prefer to use, contact the manufacturer and ask if they have a sample card or color card that you can order from them so that you can see the true color of your favorite yarn before ordering. (An example of a color card can be seen on the DMC-USA site.)

The following page features a list of needlework suppliers that have catalogs – either printed or online versions. This list is by no means complete, and I will add to it as I discover and test additional resources.

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