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Needlepoint Tools & Supplies

What every needlepoint stitcher needs in their workbasket including tools, notions, yarns and canvas.

Needlepoint Frames and Stands
Web sites featuring stands for working needlepoint.

Needlepoint Catalogs and Supplies
Every stitcher needs a stash! Even if you don’t have a needlecrafts shop in your area, you can still get your hands on quality needlepoint supplies through mail order (snail mail) or online catalog sources.

Needlepoint Blocking Board
A blocking board is a lightweight, pin-able board with a fabric covering that has been printed with a grid of squares. The grid is used as a guide for squaring the canvas during the blocking process. Blocking boards can be purchased through many needlepoint suppliers. However, a towel covered pine board and a T-square will work just as well in a pinch.

Using a Needle Threader
Ditch the lick 'em and stick 'em approach to threading your tapestry needles. Needle threaders come in various shapes and sizes, and make threading any needle quick and easy.

Scissors and Snips
Every needlepointer needs a good quality pair of scissors to keep in their work basket or bag. here you will find some sites that make some of the best.

Tapestry Yarn and Wool
Stitches worked in yarn and wool on a canvas ground are used to create a needlepoint project. There are many different types of yarn, wool and decorative threads that can be used, but tapestry yarn is most common.

Tapestry Needles
Tapestry needles have a blunt point and an large eye and are used to stitch a design on needlepoint canvas.

Needlepoint Canvas
Canvas forms the foundation of every needlepoint project. It is available in different styles, colors and mesh counts.

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