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The Byzantine Stitch


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Working the Byzantine Stitch
The Byzantine Stitch

Working the Byzantine Stitch

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This stitch is worked in diagonal rows, and can be narrow or wide, depending on the number of intersections crossed with each stitch.

To work the stitch, bring your needle up at 1, across the desired number of canvas intersections (in this example it is 2 intersections) and down at 2.

The next stitch is worked in the same way, directly above the stitch you just made (see 3-4).

Work two additional stitched in the same manner to the left of the stitch you just made (see 5-8).

Now work upwards, making two stitches (9-12), than make 2 stitches to the left again (13-16).

Continue working the stepped pattern to fill the area, alternating the rows by stitching from right-to-left working upwards, and left-to-right working downwards.

If you would like to add this stitch to your stitch journal, see step 3.

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