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French Knots - How to Make French Knots


Working a French Knot
French Knots - How to Make French Knots

Making a French Knot

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A French knot is a type of surface stitch used to make small, decorative knots. The knots can be used individually, or in clusters and are very easy to stitch.

To make a French knot, bring your needle up in the area you wish to stitch the knot. Wrap the thread around the needle twice and insert the needle down into the fabric close to the area where it was brought up through the fabric.

The thread should not hug the needle tightly - you should be able to easily slide your needle and its eye through the wrapped thread and down into the fabric. If you need to force the needle through the thread, or you knot pulls to the wrong side of the work your wrap was too tight.

It may take a bit of practice, but one you master the French knot, it will become one of your favorite surface stitches. It's perfect for small details such as eyes, noses and flower centers. French knots were used for the eyes and buttons in the Snowman with Heart project.

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