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Using the Needlepoint Stitch Journal


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Adjust Your Printer Settings as Needed
Using the Needlepoint Stitch Journal

Adjusting Your Printer Settings

Cheryl Fall

Each stitch journal entry features a PDF of the journal page, and is usually located in Step 3 of the individual stitch instructions. Click the link on the page to print the PDF. This is the simplest way to print the journal page.

You can also print the page directly from the graphic. When printing a journal page from the graphic, be sure to double-click the image in the instructions - it will then open full-size. If you attempt to print the instructions as a whole, the stitch journal page will print much smaller than its original size.

Before printing, you may need to adjust your printer settings to print them to fit your paper. Since each person's printer set-up is different, be sure to use the "print preview" pane before printing the page. You may need to scale the image - enlarge or reduce the image to fit, or shrink it to fit the page. These options are normally found in your printer set-up or options area.

Note too, that if your printer is set up on draft, quick print or other ink-saving mode, the blue areas may print faintly. Check your ink cartridges as well, as cartridges low on ink tend to print lighter.

The pages should be printed at normal quality. However, some printers do print faintly compared to others.

Refer to this diagram I created for use with my HP printer if you need help, but remember that each printer is different, and the steps used to change the settings will be different.

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