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Half Cross Stitch - Working the Half Cross Stitch


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Working the Half Cross Stitch - Front Side
Half Cross Stitch - Working the Half Cross Stitch

Half Cross - Front of Canvas

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The Half Cross Stitch is very familiar to any cross stitcher, but it is also used extensively in needlepoint. On the front side of the canvas, Half Cross Stitch looks nearly identical to the Continental Stitch, having one diagonal stitch worked over every intersection of canvas mesh.

Half Cross can be worked vertically or horizontally.

While the half cross stitch uses less yarn than the continental or basketweave stitch, it isn’t as durable and should only be used on Penelope canvas. It is also often used on smaller projects such as eyeglass cases or small change purses, that won’t be subjected to wear and tear.

The reason the Half Cross Stitch is less durable is that there is less thread coverage on the back of the canvas as a result of the way the stitch is worked. The back of the canvas is shown in Step 3.

Also, Half Cross Stitch is prone to warping, and should always be worked in a frame or hoop.

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