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Easter Egg trio - set 1


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Finishing the Eggs
Easter Egg trio - set 1

Easter Egg Trio - Full-Color Needlepoint Pattern

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To finish each ornament, place a like-sized piece of backing fabric and the finished egg together, right sides facing. Using a sewing machine, stitch around the edges of the egg, leaving a 2-inch opening along one side for turning.

Trim away the excess fabric to within 1/2 inch of the stitching. Notch corners close to - but not cutting through - the stitching. Turn the ornaments right side out through the turning hole. Stuff lightly and hand-stitch the turning openings closed.

Trim the ornaments by hand-stitching narrow cording around the edges, tying in a bow at the top. An additional 5-inch length of cording is folded into a loop and hand-stitched to the back of the ornament for hanging.

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