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Americana Heart
Americana Heart

Americana Heart Full-Color Needlepoint Pattern

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Stitch an Americana-inspired heart in patriotic colors for the 4th of July. It's a pretty decor addition for a country-style room, or for use during the 4th of July.

The pattern would look adorable framed, as a pillow applique, or used as a pocket on a tote or purse.

Work this pattern in 7 patriotic colors in basic Tent Stitches.

Finished size:

Approximately 6x6 inches

Materials Needed:

Zweigart 12 holes-per-inch interlock or mono canvas, 11 x 11 inches

DMC Tapestry wool, 8 meter skeins in dark red, medium red, dark blue, medium blue, off-white, tan and gray-black.

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