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Here you will find a list of FREE vintage and antique pattern resources that are in the public domain. You can use these lovely designs as inspiration for needlepoint. The wealth of charted, easy-to-follow designs can be used for cross stitch and needlepoint, or other types of embroidery. Be sure to also check out the filet crochet patterns, as these feature charted designs than can be adapted to stitchery.

1. Antique Pattern Library

Antique Pattern Library
This online catalog of public domain, antique and vintage patterns can be searched alphabetically by author. The site will soon be upgraded to include searches by technique, subject and publisher.

2. Patterm Maker Charts

This ever-growing free pattern site features charted designs from all over the world. The blog's owner re-charts the vintage and antique patterns in PatternMaker Software (from Hobbyware), or you can download pdf images.

3. Swappons (site is in French)

This site features pdf's of some very good charted designs from Anchor, DMC, Sajou and more.

4. Handmade Adelaide

Handmade Adelaide
This page features an assortment of charted designs that are perfect for babies and children, recharted from vintage designs for ease of reading.
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