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Needlepoint Basics - Learning Needlepoint


Needlepoint is worked in a variety of stitches in wool, cotton or silk over a canvas or fabric mesh, one stitch at a time. Learn the basic stitches to get started, and textured or decorative stitches to add an extra dimension to your stitching. Find our what supplies are needed, how to use tools, and how to finish your canvas to create your own hand stitched heirlooms.
  1. Needlepoint Stitches
  2. Frequently Asked Needlepoint Questions
  3. Basics Site Questions
  4. Preparing, Finishing and Blocking a Needlepoint Project
  5. Needlepoint Terminology

Needlepoint Stitches

Here you will find a list of all stitches currently loaded into this web site. You can also print and stitch your own Stitch Journal by clicking on the Stitch Journal link. It's a terrific way to learn and test new stitches!

Frequently Asked Needlepoint Questions

Answers to many of your questions have been addressed in various articles and tutorials.

Basics Site Questions

Here you will find links to the FREE weekly newsletter, Blog, Needlepoint Forum and the FREE Patterns.

Preparing, Finishing and Blocking a Needlepoint Project

Learn how to prepare and finish needlepoint projects

Needlepoint Terminology

Learn needlepoint lingo, and take a tour of the materials used when stitching a needlepoint pattern.

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