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Needlepoint for Beginners

Tips, Trick and Techniques to Get You Started


Needlepoint is worked one stitch at a time on a canvas ground, and is easy to learn. If you are new to needlepoint, this page features articles, tips and techniques to help get you started. In no time at all you will be creating beautiful needlepoint projects yourself.

1. What is Needlepoint?

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Needlepoint has been worked for centuries around the world. Here you will find a brief history of this beautiful form of embroidery.

2. Tools and Supplies for Needlepoint

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Needlepoint requires only a few basic tools. Her you'll find what every needlepoint stitcher needs in their workbasket.

3. How to Use the Needlepoint Patterns on this Site

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Here are suggestions for enlarging and printing the needlepoint patterns and charts featured on this site.

4. Preparing A Hank of Yarn for Needlepoint

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By preparing a hank of yarn or perle cotton for use, you can greatly reduces tangles and help keep your workbasket tidy.

5. Making a Waste Knot

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Knots should never be a permanent fixture in your canvas, unless it is meant to be part of the design. A waste knot is a temporary knot that is used to start a length of needlepoint yarn.

6. Using a Needle Threader

If you've never used a needle threader, you will find that it is a handy tool that will help you thread your needles quickly without having to "lick and stick".

7. Working the Basic Stitches

Tent Stitches are the basic foundation stitches of most needlepoint projects, and are a family of stitches worked diagonally on the canvas. There are three basic tent stitches.

8. Needlepoint Glossary

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There are many terms in needlepoint that you should be familiar with. These terms are discussed here, and many feature helpful diagrams or photos.

9. Blocking Your Finished Canvas

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Completed canvasses are more often than not slightly warped. You can easly square up yoour finished project by following these instructions.
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