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Tips for Enlarging the Needlepoint Patterns and Charts


Tips for Enlarging the Needlepoint Patterns and Charts

Asian Maple Needlepoint Pattern

© Cheryl C. Fall

The needlepoint patterns on this site are provided free of charge, but may need a little massaging in order for them to be easier to view and work with.

How to Follow a Pattern:

Many of you may be familiar with working directly on a painted ccanvas, rather than from a chart.

Working from a needlepoint chart is exactly the same as working from a cross stitch chart - one square in the pattern is equal to one stitch on the canvas. There is no need to paint a canvas when following a chart!

Print the Instructions and Patterns:

The patterns and charts should be printed from their full-size link, without page scaling.

To do this, double-click on the pattern or chart, and it will open to its full size in a new window. Print by selecting the print button in the file menu in your browser. Once the printer window opens, you will need to make sure you have disabled any page scaling. You can find a good article on this here.

To print the entire set of instructions without the ads, select the print icon from the upper right-hand side of the About.com page. The pattern however, will not be full size. Proceed as in the previous or following paragraphs to create a full-size pattern.

Note: The majority of the patterns and charts are sized to fit an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper for ease of printing. This means that the more detailed or larger the finished size of the project, the smaller the squares will be on the page, as is the case with the Asian Maple needlepoint chart shown in the photo.

For example, a pattern for a 14-inch pillow front needs to be squeezed down to fit an 8.5 x 11" piece of printer paper. This, however, is not always the optimum size for working with the patterns as the larger the finished pattern, the smaller the squares on the chart, and the harder they pattern will be to follow.

Enlarge the Patterns:

Full-size patterns or charts on this site that are larger than 8.5x11" will print on multiple sheets of paper and can be taped together to create one large pattern.

To enlarge the charts, you can print the pattern on a larger scale in your own printer. To do this, double-click the pattern to open the window featuring the full-size chart. Next, select print preview from the file menu in your browser, and select the zoom settings (such as 200%). The chart will now print in sections on multiple sheets of paper, which can be taped together to form a large pattern.

If you have art software on your computer, you could also enlarge the patterns using your software by dividing or cropping the pattern into managable sections and enlarging each section to the desired size. Print the enlarged sections on your printer and then tape the sections together to form a large pattern.

If none of these solutions work for you, take the printed full-size color pattern to your local copy place and having it enlarged on a colored copier. By doing this, you can not only enlarge the pattern, but also have it printed on large-size paper if needed - most color copiers in the United States for example, accept paper up to 11x17" in size.

Once you have your pattern sized to your needs, you can gather your materials, stitch and enjoy! If you have questions, feel free to email me any time!

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