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Memory Thread


Memory Thread

A shuttle of Memory Thread

The DMC Corporation

Memory Thread a product in DMC's Color Infusions product line and is a soft fiber wrapped copper wire that can be used as a surface embellishment for all types of needlework. It enables you to add extra dimension or texture to your needlework projects.

Memory Thread is shaped into embellishments that can be couched or tacked down on top of your stitched design. Types of uses include outlining, using it for 3-dimensional stems and tendrils, lettering and more. Multiple strands can be twisted to make cording that can be used to finish needlework projects as well.

DMC has a "How To Apply" tutorial available, and this thread has also been used to make stand-up figures, hanging loops, and lettering for projects on this site.

Memory Thread is colorfast, fade resistant and acid free, and is available in 18 colors in 3-yard lengths wrapped on a recyclable, reusable shuttle to keep the thread tidy and ready to use. Notches on the shuttle hold the thread in place once in use.

This product should not be used on items that will be washed or subjected a wear and tear.

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