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The Internet provides a perfect platform for bringing together needlepoint enthusiasts from around the world. Here you will find: online and offline needlepoint groups, designer biographies and shop tours, needlepoint news and events, classes and instructors, and more. Whether you are new to needlepoint or have been stitching for years, there's a place for you in the needlepoint community.
  1. Visit the Needlepoint Forum and Blog
  2. Meet the Designers
  3. Needlepoint Clubs, Guilds and Organizations
  4. Needlepoint Boutiques and Shops
  1. Publications, Books and Tool Reviews
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  3. Reader Submissions and Show & Tell

Visit the Needlepoint Forum and Blog

Have a question or a tip you would like to share?

The Needlepoint Forum is the best place to post questions, share your thoughts, make recommendations, tell us what you're working on, and look for product. By posting your questions and comments in the Needlepoint Forum, it's right there for everyone to see and benefit from indefinitely. Using the forum is a terrific way for all of us to share information - and make new friends!

The blog is where you can find updates and Guide musings, posted every few days.

Meet the Designers

Designers are one of the cornerstones of the needlepoint community. In addition to designing, many of them also share their skills by teaching, or by jurying competitions. Here you'll find the biographies (in alphabetical order by surname) of many of the designers and artists shaping the world of needlepoint.

Needlepoint Clubs, Guilds and Organizations

Connect with other needlepoint afficionados, or advance your skills by joining a guild in your area. Many organizations have local chapters or at-large communities, as well as needlepoint classes, magazines and publications.

Needlepoint Boutiques and Shops

Looking for a shop or boutique specializing in needlepoint? Here you will find recommendations for needlepoint shops and boutiques submitted by your About.com needlepoint friends.

Publications, Books and Tool Reviews

There are many books available featuring gorgeous needlepoint patterns and stitches, and dozens of tools available for needlepoint. You'll find reviews for these items here.

Museums and Needlework Exhibits

Many museums around the world feature needlepoint and needleart exhibits that are truly inspirational. Here you will find links to exhibits and collections featuring needlepoint from the past and present. Some of the sites allow you to search and view the collections online, so pull up your chair and enjoy a virtual tour or two.

Reader Submissions and Show & Tell

Share your favorite needlepoint experience, tell us what you're working on, or share photos of past projects!

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