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Magen David Kippah Needlepoint Pattern


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Materials Needed for the Magen David Kippah
Magen David Kippah Needlepoint Pattern

Tony and his Completed Magen David Kippah

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Stitch a needlepoint kippah for a special person. This project is 6-1/4 inch diameter worked in continental stitch on 18-count canvas.

Four shades of Perle Cotton in are needed for this chart, and the finished kippah contains over 10,000 individual stitches.

Finished Size: Approximately 6-1/4 x 6-1/2 inches

Mesh Size: 18-count

Size of Canvas Needed: 10 x 1 inches

DMC #5 Perle Cotton: 3 skeins of white, 1 skein each of light, medium and dark blue

Note: If using wool, be sure your canvas is 100% cotton - not linen - to avoid breaking the law of Shatnez.

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