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Free Needlepoint Patterns with Instructions, Full-Color Charts, and Patterns.


Here you can find free needlepoint patterns for a wide variety of projects including most major Holidays, floral patterns, geometrics and juvenile designs, projects for beginners, as well as projects for experienced stitchers. These patterns and charts (unless indicated otherwise) are designed by Cheryl Fall, the About.com Guide to Needlepoint. They are free for your personal use but are not to be republished, re-posted or reprinted in any way.
  1. Alphabetical Pattern Lists
  2. Series Patterns
  3. Holiday Projects by Type
  4. Projects by Season
  5. Ethnic Patterns
  1. Needlepoint Projects by Themes
  2. Textured or Specialty Stitch Projects
  3. Patterns for Beginners
  4. Alphabets and Monograms

Alphabetical Pattern Lists

Primavera Pattern

Search for your favorite patterns by name. Select A though L or M through Z.

Series Patterns

Patterns based on a series of subjects - includes Nativity and Stand-up Figures, Petit Fours, Ice Creams, Hats and more...

Holiday Projects by Type

Search for needlepoint Holiday projects by theme. Includes Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Judaic Needlepoint and other Holidays.

Projects by Season

Projects grouped seasonally, but not Holiday patterns.

Ethnic Patterns

Patterns inspired by the art and crafts of other countries and cultures.

Needlepoint Projects by Themes

Patterns featuring flowers, blossoms and bouquets.

Textured or Specialty Stitch Projects

Patterns featuring unusual, textured or specialty needlepoint stitches. Try a new stitch and build your skills!

Patterns for Beginners

Valley Tulips

Build your foundation of needlepoint skills by starting with these designs.

Alphabets and Monograms

Mix and match alphabets and related patterns for needlepoint projects.

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