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Here you will find projects that are perfect for Thanksgiving and Kwanzaa. Halloween projects are featured in their own, separate category, as are general Fall/Autumn patterns.

1. Pilgrim Couple

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch a Pilgrim Couple for Thanksgiving. These patterns can be easily personalized for each family member by changing their hair, eye and skin colors. Finish them as stand-up figures, or work them on smaller canvas and use them as place cards on your Holiday table!

2. Happy Thanksgiving

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch a warm greeting to frame and hang for your November guests.

3. Autumn Alphabet and Numerals

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Customize your projects with this easy alphabet featuring matching upper and lower case letters, and numbers 0 through 9.

4. Rock Star Turkey

Cheryl Fall
Stitch a Smokin' Hot Rock Star Turkey
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