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Here you'll find a list of patterns that are perfect for summer stitching!

1. August Daisies

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch a batch of hip, retro, rainbow-colored daisies for Summer! The August Daisies pattern features a floating green border and is stitched in 20 colors of tapestry wool on a simple white background. Finished Size: Approximtately 8x8 inches square.

2. Sail Away

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Sail Away to another place as you stitch a regatta of summer sailboats in needlepoint. This free pattern uses just 7 colors of thread - green, blue, yellow, red, orange, white and gray. The design measures approximately 10 x 11" when worked on 11-count needlepoint canvas.

3. Island Blossoms

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Let your stitching take you away to the islands by stitching a group of lush, tropical flowers framed by a pretty border. This design is perfect for summer stitching. Worked in 15 shades of tapestry wool on 10 holes-per-inch canvas.

4. Mexican Folk Art

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch a stylized animal in bright colors for Cinco de Mayo. This pattern was inspired by Mexican folk embroidery on a vintage costume. This project is a perfect scrap-buster due to the infiniate number of color combinations that can be used. Use the pattern as a guide, and then raid your stash for the perfect colors.

5. Surfboard Series

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Cowabunga! Stitch a series of colorful surfboards.

6. Fresh Catch!

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Here's the big one that didn't get away! Stitch a needlepoint fish, inspired by antique pottery, and show off the freshest catch of the day. You can even add clear beads to give the project 3-dimensional, glistening scales.

7. Felicity Hall's Butterfly Brooch

© Felicity Hall
Needlepoint designer and artist Felicity Hall has shared this pretty pattern for a colorful butterfly brooch with us. Be sure to visit Felicity's biography in the Needlepoint Community area for more information on her work, and her sources of inspiration.

8. Coins in the Fountain Cyber Workshop

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Many ancient peoples believed their gods lived in ponds, streams and other small bodies of water. These people believed that making an offering of a coin to the gods was a sure-fire way to have their wishes granted, or to bring them good luck and fortune. Throwing coins in a fountain remains a traditional way to make a wish to this day. This needlepoint class features geometric stitches resembling golden coins surrounded by "splashes" of variegated green satin stitching and interesting borders in blue, yellow and green.

9. Bird of Paradise

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
A single Bird of Paradise Flower framed by a lattice window evokes a tropical paradise. Let your mind escape to a faraway island as you stitch - even if you're stitching in your winter woolies.

10. Pineapple, Two Ways

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch this needlepoint pineapple two ways - using textured, decorative stitches including long stitch and pineapple stitch, or using basic tent stitches. Patterns are provided for both versions.
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