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Free Independence Day Patterns


Celebrate the 4th of July or stitch Americana-themed needlepoint patterns for your home decor. This list featured free patterns worked in red, white and blue.

1. Americana Heart

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch an Americana-inspired heart in patriotic colors for the 4th of July. It's a pretty decor addition for a country-style room, or for use during the 4th of July. The pattern would look adorable framed, as a pillow applique, or used as a pocket on a tote or purse. Work this pattern in 7 patriotic colors in basic Tent Stitches.

2. Uncle Sam's Top Hat

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch up Uncle Sam's famous hat for Independence day! The simple design is ready to fill with your favorite textured or decorative stitches, and uses just 6 colors of tapestry wool.

3. July Ice Cream on a Stick

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Celebrate Independence Day with a striped motif. This Ice Cream on a Stick is the sixth pattern in a series of 12, and represents the month of July.

4. Tall Ships Sailing Pattern

© Cheryl C. Fall, Licensed to About.com
Stitch a great American schooner in needlepoint. This design is worked in just 6 colors of wool. Stitch the border and ship areas in continental stitch and the background area in basketweave stitch. A straight stitch accent is stitched at the bow of the ship, on the surface of the finished needlepoint design.
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