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Blocking and Finishing

You have finished your project, but now what? Here you’ll find information on how to block a finished piece of needlepoint, straighten a distorted canvas, stitch a pillow top, add trim to your finished project and more.

Blocking a Needlepoint Canvas
A finished needlepoint canvas will often be slightly warped when worked in a needlepoint frame, or very warped when worked in the hands. Here you'll find insructions for re-shaping your canvas.

Stitching In-the-Ditch
Finishing your needlepoint project often involves machine or hand sewing. In this area you will learn how to stitch in the ditch for a professional-looking finish.

How to Finish a Needlepoint Stand-up Figure
Learn how to make a stand-up needlepoint figure. Includes instructions for making a weighted base and twisted piping.

Sewing a Basic Pillow
Many needlepoint projects can be stitched into beautiful accent pillows. In this section you'll find instructions on how to stitch a basic pillow covering with well-formed corners.

How to Make a Needlepoint Bag
Stitch a finished needlepoint canvas into a handy, lined pouch. You can use them as purses, totes, or create smaller pouches to hang on a doorknob, as ornaments, or unique gift bags.

Stitching Narrow Piping to a Project
Piping adds a nice finish to any project. It's easy to stitch to a needlepoint project by following these basic guidelnes.

Adding Decorative Trims
Decorative trims add pizzaz to needlepoint projects and come in a wide variety of styles, types and colors.

Working a Complicated Design in Multiple Colors
Working a complicated, multi-color needlepoint pattern is easy by using this method.

Needlepoint Finishing Instructions
Finish your needlepoint pieces by transforming them into pillows, stand-ups, bags or appliques!

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