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Pilgrim Boy and Girl
Figures - Pilgrim Boy and Girl

Pilgrim Couple

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Stitch a cute pilgrim couple for Thanksgiving, dressed in their holiday best. These are quick and easy projects worked in continental stitch on 10-count canvas.

The Pilgrims are both worked in 11 colors. This is a perfect "scrap basket" project as a full skein of tapestry wool is only necessary for the background color.

You may also want to stitch their companions, Belinda Baker and Corey Candlestick Maker or the Fairytale Prince and Princess, Soldier and Ballerina or the Count and Countess figures.

Finished Size: Approximately 3.5 x 7.5 inches

Mesh Size: 10-count

Size of Canvas Needed: 5 x 11 inches

You can easily personalize your ornament by changing the colors used, or by adding beads, decorative threads and trims.

For best results, finish them as stand-up figures.

Patterns follow on the next 2 pages.

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