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Bluebirds of Happiness


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Bluebirds of Happiness
Bluebirds of Happiness
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For centuries the bluebird has been the symbol of happiness, prosperity, a healthy, happy home, health, rebirth, the promise of Spring.

Inspired by the following poem written by George J. Carroll, this rendition of two pretty Mountain Bluebirds flaunt their plumage their mountain wildflower perches.

"And in the valley beneath the mountains of my youth, lies the river of my tears. As it wends its way to the ocean of my dreams, so long ago they have gone. And yet, if I were but to think anew, would these dreams evaporate in my mind and become the morning dew upon a supple rose whose beauty is enhanced with these glistening drops, as the sun of life peeks o'er the mountains when youth was full. Then I must not supply this endless fountain that creates the river of my tears but look beyond those mountains where the bluebird of happiness flies."
- George J. Carroll

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