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Free Patterns Alphabetized by Name - A-F

Search for Needlepoint Patterns by Name starting with A through F.

Abstract Circles Thread-Blending Project
Here's a fun project that allows you to try blending threads to create secondary colors.

Americana Heart
Stitch an Americana-inspired heart in patriotic colors for the 4th of July.

Apple-A-Day Pattern Set
Stitch a bushel of delicious red, green and golden apples for Autumn. This 2-piece pattern set includes a square motif suitable for framing or use on a pillow top, and a matching bookmark.

Asian Inspired Alphabet
This alphabet was inspired by the traditional brushwork painting of China and Japan. The alphabet is uppercase, which makes it perfect for use as a monogram.

Asian Maple
Celebrate Autumn by stitching this Asian Maple in full color.

August Daisies Needlepoint Chart
Stitch a batch of rainbow-colored daisies for Summer! The August Daisies pattern is stitched in 20 colors of tapestry wool and features a floating green border.

Autumn Acorn
The acorn is a symbol of patience and an old English proverb states that "Great oaks from little acorns grow," referring to the fruition or completion of an idea or task. This project is small enough that it will come to fruition quickly!

Autumn Alphabet and Numerals
Customize your needlepoint projects with upper and lower case letters with matching numerals.

Bamboo Frame
Stitch a needlepoint frame for your favorite photo, or use it to frame a monogram.

Be Mine Needlepoint Valentine
Stitch this fun, funky needlepoint valentine for someone special!

Bird of Paradise - Instructions for the Bird of Paradise
A single Bird of Paradise Flower framed by a lattice window evokes a tropical paradise. Let your mind escape to a faraway island as you stitch - even if you're stitching in your winter woolies.

Birthday Balloons Petite Four Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch a 3-Dimensional Birthday Balloons needlepoint petite four as a special gift! This miniature project is quick to stitch using the full-color chart. It can also be worked in counted cross stitch.

Blank Journal Page
Use this blank page to add your own stitches to your stitch journal.

Blue Danube Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch this waltz-inspired needlepoint design in 3 classic shades of blue against a pure, white background using continental stitch and basketweave stitches.

Blueberry Breakfast Waffles
Stitch a plate full of waffles for your breakfast room. The pattern can be finished as a framed piece for the wall, or as a pillow applique.

Bluebirds of Happiness
Inspired by a poem written by George J. Carroll, these two pretty bluebirds on their flower perches will surely bring happiness to any room.

Breezes through the Treezes
Fall is in the air and the leaves are starting to blow! Stitch the Breezes through the Treezes pattern in continental stitch on 12-count canvas in your favorite falll colors.

Cafe Latte Needlepoint Pattern
Stitch a steaming cup of latte in a pretty white cup using tent stitch and framed scotch stitch.

Candy Corn Needlepoint Pattern - Instructions for Halloween Candy Needlepoint
Brightly colored candy corn on a wavy black background makes for a stunning decor piece that's very grown-up.

Candy Hearts Needlepoint Pattern
This Candy Hearts pillow front is worked in traditional candy colors on a white ground. It's a perfect beginner project.

Christmas Tree Petite Four Needlepoint Pattern
I've added another needlepoint petite four pattern to the collection. Stitch and sew a Christmas Tree petite four, or the companion Halloween Pumpkin or Birthday Balloons versions. This miniature project is quick to stitch using the full-color chart. It can also be worked in counted cross stitch.

Chubby Bunny Easter Pattern
Work this Chubby Bunny needlepoint pattern in basic needlepoint stitches. The colors of the Easter bunny can be easily changed and personalized. Work a single Easter Bunny, multiple bunnies, or stitch a single bunny on the corner of a napkin using removable waste canvas.

Classic Alphabet for Needlepoint
Select your monogram from this set to stitchin the center of the Monogram Frame needlepoint pattern.

Coins in the Fountain Needlepoint Class
The Coins in the Fountain Pattern is an online needlepoint class and features seven different needlepoint stitches for you to learn.

Cut the Cake Ornament
Stitch a pretty Wedding Cake ornament as a special wedding day keepsake.

Daisy Chain Needlepoint Pillow Pattern
This is a pretty project worked using only the continental stitch. The chart is worked in quadrants, making it an ideal project for a beginner to learn how to follow a charted design.

Adorable yellow ducky pull toys make an adorable pillow or framed picture for the nursery.

Easter Basket
Make a batch of Needlepoint Easter Baskets for the Holidays. This needlepoint pattern uses wicker stitch and other basic needlepoint stitches.

Easter Egg Petite Four Needlepoint Pattern
Continue adding to your needlepoint Petite Four collection by stitching the Easter Egg pattern.

Easter Egg Trio - Set 1
The Easter Bunny will be delighted to see this cute little trio of egg ornaments when he drops in to deliver candy this season!

Easter Egg Trio - Set 2
These three eggs are the second set in the Easter Eggs series - additional egg patterns are also available.

Fall Leaves Needlepoint Scrap Pattern
Here's a perfect scrap-basket pattern! Stitch a blanket of leaves on a dark ground using assorted colors in a variety of needlepoint stitches.

Fantasy Fish
Stitch a Fantasy Fish swimming in a seaweed sea using bright shades of yarn. It's stitched on 10 Holes-per-inch canvas using worsted weight yarn or wool and is a perfect beginner project.

Felicity Hall's Butterfly Brooch Needlepoint Pattern
Needlepoint designer and artist Felicity Hall has shared this pretty pattern for a colorful butterfly brooch with us. Be sure to visit her biography in the Needlepoint Community area.

Figures - Belinda Baker and Corey Candlestick Maker
Stitch two more companions for the Toy Soldier and his Ballerina - a Baker and a Candlestick Maker. This project works up quickly and each figure can be completed in 7 hours or less. Because it is small, it's a perfect project for stitchers on the go.

Figures - Count and Countess
Stitch the Counted Count and his equally counted Countess!

Figures - Fairytale Prince and Princess
Stitch a handsome fairytale prince needlepoint pattern, along with his beautiful princess. These projects work up quickly and each figure can be completed in 7 hours or less. Because of the small size, these are perfect projects for stitchers on the go.

Figures - Pilgrim Boy and Girl
Stitch a cute pilgrim couple for Thanksgiving, dressed in their holiday best.

Figures - Toy Soldier and Ballerina
Stitch a Toy Soldier needlepoint ornament. This project works up quickly and can be completed in 5 hours or less. Because it is small, it's a perfect project for stitchers on the go.

Flying Geese Needlepoint Stocking
Needlepoint designer Janet Perry has shared this pattern for a Flying Geese Mini Stocking. Be sure to visit her biography in the Needlepoint Community area.

Free Needlepoint Patterns by Category
Click here to search for free needlepoint patterns by category.

French Braid Needlepoint Pattern and Instructions
The French Braid needlepoint pattern is perfect for cleaning out your scrap basket, as any number of colors can be used. Color combinations of your choosing are also possible.

French Ribbon Needlepoint Pattern
Work this repeating pattern in one of two Country French colorways.

Fresh Catch!
Here's the big one that didn't get away! Stitch a needlepoint fish and show off the fresh catch of the day.

Blue Doodles Needlepoint Pattern
This fun, free needlepoint pattern lets you try a bunch of different needlepoint stitches and works up quickly. It's a bit like a needlepoint doodle.

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