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The Basics of Learning Needlepoint - About.com
Needlepoint is worked in a variety of stitches in wool, cotton or silk over a canvas or fabric mesh, one stitch at a time. Learn the basic stitches to get started, and ...
Beginner Basics - Needlepoint - About.com
If you are new to needlepoint, this page features articles, tips and techniques to ... you will be creating beautiful needlepoint projects by learning just a few basics.
Needlepoint Stitch Diagrams and Resources - About.com
The Continental Stitch is one of the most often used, and basic needlepoint stitches. It is a member of the "Tent Stitch" family of stitches worked diagonally over a ...
How to Work the Tent Stitch - Needlepoint - About.com
Tent Stitch refers to a family of needlepoint stitches, and is used to work the design area, or to fill in the background ... Stitch Journal Basics · Stitch Journal Pages.
Basic Tent Stitches - Needlepoint - About.com
Tent Stitches are the basic foundation stitches of most needlepoint projects, and are a family of stitches worked diagonally on the canvas.
Needlepoint Blocking - Needlepoint Finishing - About.com
Many needlepoint projects can be stitched into beautiful accent pillows. In this section you'll find instructions on how to stitch a basic pillow covering with ...
Needlepoint Stitch Diagrams - Needlepoint Stitches
Needlepoint starts with a single stitch, which is worked over a canvas mesh. This is where you'll find basic needlepoint stitch diagrams to help you get started, ...
What Is the Difference Between Needlepoint and Petit Point?
Needlepoint · Needlepoint Basics · Free Needlepoint Patterns · Needlepoint ... The terms Needlepoint and Petit Point (sometimes spelled Petite Point) are often  ...
How Do I Select a Needle for Needlepoint? - About.com
Here you'll learn how to select the proper needle for a needlepoint project. ... Needlepoint · Needlepoint Basics · Free Needlepoint Patterns · Needlepoint ...
Needlepoint Know-How - Needlepoint Tips and Tricks
Here you'll learn more about the art of Needlepoint, as well as find tips, advice ... Here's a shortcut to the Needlepoint Basics Tab. this is the best place to start if ...
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