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Needlepoint Designer Biographies - About.com
Designers are one of the cornerstones of the needlepoint community. In addition to designing, many of them also share their skills by teaching, or by jurying ...
Needlepoint Community
Here you will find: online and offline needlepoint groups, designer biographies and shop tours, needlepoint news and events, classes and instructors, and more.
Needlepoint Community - Needlepoint Groups and Guilds
Here you will find: online and offline needlepoint groups, designer biographies and shop tours, needlepoint news and events, and classes and instructors.
Fashion Designer Biographies and History of Fashion Houses
Fashion designer Ramy Sharp launched her collection "Ramy Brook" in 2010, the collection is known for its use of primarily silk in pieces that reflect the colors of ...
Designer profiles - Women's Fashion - About.com
Links to profiles, interviews and biographies of your favorite fashion designers. ... Read about how and where your favorite designer got started in the industry.
Designers A-Z - Women's Fashion - About.com
The fashion designer photo gallery lists the biggest name in New York fashion along with fashion designer biographies. Michael Kors, Donna Karan, Ralph ...
Biographies of Interior Designers - Interior Decorating - About.com
Lauri Ward founded Use What You HaveŽ Inc. in 1981 to provide people who didn't think they could afford to hire an interior designer with fast, simple, ...
Designer Fashion - Accessories - About.com
Keep up with the creative minds of your favorite fashion designers and their accessory lines. Read biographies, interviews, and check out their latest accessories ...
Fashion designers - fashion design famous fashion designers
Shop for designer clothes, read fashion designer biographies and look for emerging talent. Also, learn how to pronounce fashion designer names with our audio ...
Anna Sui - Accessories - About.com
designer biographies, anna sui, new york fashion week, designer fashion - Frazer ... Anna Sui is a Chinese American designer known for her rocker chic style ...
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